Emotion and Technology

Digital Storyteller

Delivering powerful stories across a variety of mediums. Commited to social purpose and sustainability.

Front End Developer

UX designer for websites and apps. HTML & CSS coder. Lean/agile startup warrior and hacker enthusiast.

Creative Pro

Graphic designer, photographer, video editor, producer of podcasts, animations and motion graphics.

Current Clients

Creative Director. New York, 2019

We develop marketing and business strategies to incorporate social purpose, optimize, network and scale brands. We work with visionary leaders across sectors from social entrepreneurs and corporate changemakers to NGO founders and government leaders to drive purpose, amplify impact, build value and change the world.

Learn more about us and our clients at GRC Advising.

Creative Director. New York, 2019

Purify Fuel is a greener energy company that develops, manufactures and markets precision-blended combustion catalysts to optimize diesel fuel for global industry to Save Money, Increase Power, and Reduce Emissions.

Learn more about Purify Fuel.

Previous Experience

Front End Developer. Morelia MX, 2016

Almirante is a construction site management system. Automate payroll and purchase orders. Keep track of staff, clients and vendors. Collaborate with your team from your computer or smartphone.

Learn more about Almirante.io

Creative Director. New York, 2013

Enliken helps protect your privacy online. Whenever you browse the web, dozens of companies track your habits and create a profile of your interests in order to show you targeted advertising. Enliken offers an alternative that gives each person control over their own information.

Learn about Enliken on the New York Times.

Marketing Director. Austin TX, 2011.

Since 1999, Community TechKnowledge has been a pioneer in software development for non-profits and founders. In 2010 they introduced Apricot, a next-generation system designed for high scalability. Social Solutions acquired the company in 2015.

Learn more about Apricot and Social Solutions.


B.S. in Digital Arts & Design. Orlando FL, 2010.

Students are trained in digital storytelling, 2D and 3D graphic production, video recording and edition, motion graphics, web development and studio management. I earned Valedictorian, Advanced Achievement Award, and Course Director's Awards for Developmental Psychology and 3D Animation.

Learn more about Full Sail University.


Created in partnership with Cantaloop.mx for Cervecería de Colima, this website was developed using React for enhanced performance. It includes a content management system developed in-house with several features not found on Wordpress or Drupal.

Visit the website for Cervecería de Colima.

Morelia Hacks is the first civic hacking community in Michoacán. We hosted the Open Data Hackathon 2015, bringing together dozens of technology experts, and Innovation Day 2016, a day of conferences, workshops and conversations about social innovation.

Learn more and follow us at MoreliaHacks.org

Discover new businesses in your city with Directorios Torix. This prototype is a showcase of new standards in responsive web app development. The architecture of this system set the foundation to build Almirante.io

Check out the prototype of Directorios Torix